Amal, George Clooney’s Rumored Second Set Of Twins

Amal and George Clooney having another set of twins is one of the most common, most repeated, and most incorrect tropes the tabloids recycle over and over.

Ever since the couple announced Amal was pregnant with their first kids, daughter Ella and son Alexander, who were born on June 6th, 2017, the tabloids have run phony report after phony report asserting that another set is on the way. 

Does George Clooney Even Want More Kids?

A year after the birth, Heat dipped its toe in the water with a fairly benign claim that George was hoping to have another set of twins. A so-called “insider” told the dubious outlet, “George told Amal he would be happy to have more. And, in an ideal world, they would have twins again.”

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In typical tabloid fashion, the story was entirely based on the word of an unnamed source, in this case an “insider” supposedly close to the couple. Whenever we read articles filled with unverified sources as the only evidence of an allegation, we are immediately suspicious.

In the case of this story, our instincts were correct. The couple weren’t trying for more kids and both have stated in separate interviews that they don’t think more children are in their future.

Twins Were On The Way! Or Were They?

Still, in March 2019, Woman’s Day asserted Amal and George Clooney weren’t just hoping for more, but two more were already on the way. According to the unreliable gossip magazine, Amal was sporting a “baby bump” on the red carpet at a charity gala in Scotland and, according to another supposed “insider,” “George was subtly telling the world that he’s about to have four kids on his hands.”

“People are convinced it’s his way of revealing they’re expecting twins again,” the questionable source claimed, adding Amal “has been very selective with her outfits of late, making sure not to wear anything tight-fitting around her stomach.” This “source” went on, “Amal and George know if they’re going to have more children, they shouldn’t wait.”

Except, as Gossip Cop pointed out at the time, when George was asked by Extra after Ella and Alexander were born if more children were in their future, he exclaimed he was “Done!” Nine months later, Gossip Cop confirmed what we’d said all along.

Explaining Away “Divorce Rumors”

The tabloids had different plans for the couple though. In July 2019. Star ran a cover story exclaiming, “Amal & George TWINS AGAIN!” adding that the “news” came just four months after “divorce rumors.”

Both claims were false, as we explained when we busted the bogus article. Of course, the tabloid had its very own “insider” that said, “George has cleared his work schedule so he can be a full-time dad.” The absurd story even asserted Barack Obama had been named godfather to the unborn twins.

One problem: just a week earlier, it was announced George Clooney would be directing and starring the Netflix film Good Morning, Midnight. While the magazine’s “insider” claimed Amal Clooney won’t announce the pregnancy until she was “four or five months along,” the announcement never came, because the story was completely made up.

Five months after the story hit newsstands, George Clooney was indeed busy filming the movie, which is now called Midnight Sky and wrapped in February, just about the time, by the tabloid’s phony timeline, Amal would have been preparing to give birth. She didn’t.

Saving George and Amal Clooney’s Marriage Again

Just one month later, Star’s sister publication, Life & Style, invented its very own spin on the narrative that George and Amal Clooney were expecting twins again, having overcome marriage problems. The cover of the magazine claimed to have the “first bump pics” of Amal. There is even an unattributed quote reading “This is a new adventure for us,” but it doesn’t say anywhere who said it.

Inside, the story is more of the same nonsense the other tabloids had been pushing for almost two years at this point. There is the common trope claiming Amal Clooney was “sporting a baby bump,” and of course, still another anonymous source saying things like, “They’re not arguing as much. It seems like a spark has been reignited in their marriage.” The Clooney’s weren’t fighting, nor was Amal pregnant, so the publication was wrong on two fronts.

The “Baby Bump”

In almost every single tabloid story purporting a celebrity is pregnant, you can count on that term being part of the outlet’s flimsy argument. The ubiquitous “baby bump.” If you, dear reader, ever see that in a tabloid, you can almost automatically dismiss it. It’s used all the time, often with circles and arrows highlight the supposed pregnant tummy of a star.

Setting aside the fact that it may be insulting to anyone to call them “fat,” which is essentially what this is, a small bump in the stomach is hardly medical evidence of a baby on the way. Often it’s nothing more than a bulky shirt or, as in a more recent claim, a full belly after a large dinner. Like Woman’s Day alleged after Heidi Klum posted a photo on Instagram after such a meal.

Star Magazine Doubled Down

Like having a set of twins, Star had an almost identical story to its bogus article in July just before Christmas when it once again claimed on its cover that Amal Clooney was pregnant with twins. It was almost too comical to take seriously. You can probably guess where this is going…again. An anonymous source told the magazine, that the “pregnancy comes at the perfect time” because, George and Amal had “hit a rough patch” in their marriage.

If you are keeping track and home, and we forgive you if the timeline has you screwed up, this story came five months since the last time Star claimed Amal was pregnant. Now, in that July article, the tabloid purported she was three months along with a boy and girl.

Five months later, she was pregnant with twin girls. Of course, the outlet made no mention of the previous story, so we are left to wonder, was this the same pregnancy? Did one of the babies change genders in the womb? Will the miracles ever cease? Will the tall tales?

The Phony Reports About Twins Are Still Coming

You would think after almost three years of this nonsense, the gossip media would try to invent a brand new story, but alas, it doesn’t seem like there is a lot creativity at the tabloids these days. In May 2020m 35 months after the first version of this tired narrative first appeared, another bogus article emerged from NW.

Gravity premiere

Not only were Amal and George Clooney supposedly having twins again, the shady magazine purported, but those twins were, wait for it, saving their marriage! Yes, that’s right, even having Gossip Cop debunk this silly nonsense over and over, the tabloids were still hammering away at this one.

Apparently, according to a sketchy “source,” “the hot goss is that she’s preggers with twins.” Hard to imagine a friend close to the international human rights attorney talking like a valley girl, but hey, we all have diverse friends. Still, it’s unlikely this source is even aquatinted of the Clooneys, because this clueless “insider” had no inside knowledge.

The best evidence the source could apparently come up with was that Amal might have had a “baby bump,” and “while George was hitting his usual whiskey or margarita, Amal was noticeably not drinking.” If that evidence sounds flimsy to you, it did to us too. It’s just another in a long, long line of fictious stories claiming more twins are on the way.

To sum it all up, George Clooney and his wife, Amal Clooney, are not pregnant with twins. They weren’t in 2017, 2018, 2019 and they aren’t in 2020. You can bet Gossip Cop will continue to call these publications out for such unreliable report and we’re sure there will be many more times we have to.