Ben Affleck Given A ‘Second Chance’ By Jennifer Garner?

A hope that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were getting back together last year was fueled by a rumor that Garner gave her former husband another chance. 365 days ago, a tabloid alleged that the two were getting back together. Now, we’re reopening this case and what happened between the two.

According to Star, Jennifer Garner broke off her relationship with John Miller last year because she was considering reconciling with Ben Affleck. The magazine disclosed that Garner revealed to “friends” that she missed her “family life” and her home hasn’t been the same without Affleck in it. The tabloid’s insider further proclaimed Garner believed in “second chances” – “even third and fourth chances if needed.”

The tipster added Affleck and Garner, who officially divorced in 2018, were seriously talking about repairing their romance and marriage, but it hadn’t gotten further than a “discussion” stage.

That posed a major question. If the two were just talking about getting back together why would Garner rush and break up with Miller? Still, the publication’s insider divulged Garner had a “chance of heart” after seeing how “committed” Affleck was about his sobriety.

“Jen tried to work things out with Ben before, but his addiction always got in the way,” the insider imparted. The source also noted that things were “different” and since Affleck was serious about being sober, it “helped Jen to be able to open her heart to him again.”

A year has passed since the story came out, so where exactly do the two stand now? At the time, we checked with a spokesperson for Ben Affleck who denied the phony story. Looking back on the piece, it’s evident the magazine didn’t even have any of its facts straight.

Jennifer Garner was still dating John Miller when the article was published. Garner and Miller actually split earlier year, not last September. And while Affleck stated during an interview with The New York Times that divorcing Garner was “his biggest regret” the actor has also moved on and is now dating Ana de Armas. This wasn’t the only bogus report that Star manufactured about Garner and Affleck.

Two years ago, the tabloid claimed Garner and Lindsay Shookus were both pregnant with Affleck’s child. Last July, the same publication asserted Garner was pregnant and engaged to John Miller. Considering that the two are no longer together and Garner didn’t give birth to any children.