Big Brother housemates UNLEASH in BRUTAL leaked messages

Tensions have transcended the Big Brother house as the contestants turn on Angela Clancy for comments she has made about them in a recent interview.

Leaked photos of a group chat between the housemates, obtained by the Daily Mail, show outspoken Angela being torn to shreds and even labelled a “nasty b**ch”.

There’s no surprise Angela’s strategic and ruthless gameplay has rubbed some housemates the wrong way.

Garth Saville, in particular, has made his thoughts about Angela known since his eviction from the show previously telling New Idea: “I just think she’s fake.”

In these newly surfaced photos it appears he makes his feelings well-known to Angela herself, and he’s not the only unhappy housemate.  

Sending through a link to a Channel Seven interview Angela did earlier this month where she ‘rated’ her housemates, it’s Daniel Gorringe who first calls Angela out.

“Good little read, appreciate the support Ang [thumbs up emoji]” Daniel writes of Angela’s comments that he “looks for people with no spine and then takes advantage of them.”

The AFL star then goes on to say, “Just a f**king low shot for no reason…so disappointing.”

One housemate simply named “Instagrammer” which we can only guess is Xavier Molyneux commenting from his secret Instagram account writes: “Jeeze I only just got all the knives outta my back yesterday” in reference to Angela’s interview.

It’s Garth, however, who’s most outraged.

“Angela, this is all really mean, I’m so disappointed,” he responds.

“I don’t want an issue with you but this show isn’t all about you. What you have said is soooo disappointing. Whilst I had an issue with 1-2 people in the house I have never smeared them in the interview I have had.

You say you came to Australia with just a suitcase… well that suitcase was fill[ed] with silver spoons and a f**king load of self-entitlement. Shame on you.”

Angela defends herself and her comments by suggesting what she has said has been taken out of context.

“Garth if you choose to believe everything you read it’s up to you,” she says.

But Garth doesn’t buy it simple snapping back: “Wake up Angela because it’s time to listen, you are a nasty b**ch.”

Garth previously made similar comments about Angela to New Idea regarding her “self-entitlement”.

“I think she is a little bit of a spoiled rich girl. She says she came to this country with just a suitcase, but I’m sure that suitcase was filled with a whole lot of silver spoons.”