Bindi and Chandler’s baby joy!

As the Irwin family enjoy the highly anticipated reopening of Australia Zoo, the wildlife warriors appear to have even more special news to celebrate.

Sources tell New Idea that loved-up newlyweds Bindi, 21, and Chandler, 23, are hiding an exciting secret – they’re expecting a baby!

According to a well-placed insider, staff returning to work at the Queensland wildlife park noticed Bindi has been wearing loose-fitting clothing and could be hiding a bump.

“As more and more staff come back into the zoo for reopening, they’ve noticed something’s very different about Bindi,” the source tells New Idea exclusively.

“She tends to stand back, and behind Chandler or her mum, and she’s wearing much looser khaki shirts. It’s spreading like wildfire that she could be pregnant. There will be a huge celebration at the zoo if she is – Terri must be bursting at the seams to tell people.”

Terri, 55, is reportedly beaming with pride and has been waiting for news she was to become a grandmother ever since the couple married in March.

And, as previously reported by New Idea, sources say once Terri fulfils the role of a doting grandparent, she’ll be more than happy to step back from the zoo and hand over the reins to Bindi and Chandler.

“As soon as Bindi and Chan got engaged she started dropping hints for a grandchild, which Bindi seemed well up for. She might be only 21 but Bindi’s an old soul with naturally maternal instincts,” the source says.

“She gravitates toward the newborn animals at the zoo and always pays them special attention. Plus, she’s always told family and friends she wants to be a young mum, and now that they’re married, why wait? Terri loves the idea of Bindi’s baby as he or she will carry on the family dynasty.

“Terri’s got it all mapped out in her head. Once Bindi and Chandler have a bub, she’s keen to relax into grandma duties and babysit the little one, allowing Bindi and Chandler – together with Robert – to step up and run the show.

The source adds: “Terri’s worked hard over all these years to carry on Steve’s legacy, and she’s ready to pass the baton to the next generation while she’s still around to oversee it.”

And it’s not just Terri who is ecstatic at the news – former wakeboarder Chandler’s family back home in the US are also keen for Bindi to fall pregnant.

A separate source close to Chandler’s family in Florida, says: “Chandler’s family’s taking bets on how soon they’ll get pregnant, if they aren’t already. Every time he calls [his mum] her heart skips a beat hoping he’s about to reveal the big news, but he just laughs and tells her it won’t be long now.

“It’s fair to say the baby will have the most doting grandparents in the world.”

Bindi’s exciting news comes just days after it was revealed that she and Chandler are planning to tie the knot once again in California once covid-19 restrictions are eased.

And this time, actor Russell Crowe is set to walk her down the aisle.