Camilla Parker-Bowles ‘Caught’ Prince Charles With Doria Ragland

Was Prince Charles “caught” by Camilla Parker-Bowles with Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland? That’s a vague headline to a highly speculative story from one tabloid. 

“Camilla’s Fury: Charles Caught With Doria!” screamed the headline from a recent edition of New Idea. Since Prince Charles had already cheated on one wife, the tabloid posited, then it was likely that “history could well in fact repeat itself.” Or that’s what Prince Charles’ current wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, supposedly secretly believes.

And there’s one woman in particular that Parker-Bowles has allegedly been “keeping a close eye on.” Royal renegade Meghan Markle’s mother, yoga instructor Doria Ragland, has reportedly struck up a “close friendship” with the Duke of Cornwall, a so-called “insider” told the outlet.

Charles has a special place in his heart for Doria. She’s a lovely, kind, yet shrewd woman and he’s impressed with her hustle as a single mum and career woman.

The source went on to say, “Camilla had to beg him to stop talking about Doria and used to tease that he had a crush on her. But now their friendship is getting beyond a joke.” Since travel between the countries is out of the question due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, sources told the publication that Ragland and Prince Charles “have maintained a friendship via phone and text.”

This communication started out as an effect of the two being “mutually concerned” about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, not to mention the young couple’s son, Archie. “Doria keeps Charles filled in on little Archie, more than Harry does,” snitched the alleged insider.

“She feels sorry for him missing out.” Given the salacious title, one might expect a juicier story than “grandparents talk about grandchild,” but this tabloid has a habit of building up to a whopping nothing-burger.

Even with the shaky evidence put forth by the outlet and its even sketchier anonymous source, this story is tough to buy. There’s also the massive bait-and-switch tactic the tabloid used in claiming that Prince Charles had been “caught” with Ragland. That claim is completely unsupported by the facts presented in the article.

Could Prince Charles and Doria Ragland be in contact with each other? Entirely possible. Is Camilla Parker-Bowles concerned, or should she have any reason to be concerned, about Prince Charles “repeating history?” Far less likely. 

Part of the reason for our suspicion is because of New Idea’s past reporting on the royal family. Just last month, the outlet insisted that Kate Middleton would be announcing her fourth pregnancy at Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles’ second wedding ceremony. We also predicted that Middleton wasn’t actually pregnant, which time has proven. No wonder it’s so difficult for us to take anything this outlet prints seriously.