Camilla Parker Bowles’s fury after being ‘demoted’ by Queen!

Camilla Parker Bowles reportedly revamped her dowdy image in a bid to show her worth as the future Queen Consort when Charles eventually takes the throne.

But now, it appears the Duchess’ dreams of becoming queen have been shattered, after it was alleged the Queen has “demoted” Camilla in the royal pecking order.

According to Globe magazine, a palace insider has sensationally claimed Her Majesty downgraded the Duchess, so instead of being a Queen Consort, she’ll only be a Princess Consort.

“Camilla is totally humiliated and furious at the snub,” claimed the royal insider, adding that Camilla, 73, has allegedly asked hubby Charles to step in and intervene.

The royal source went on to say that the shock move only adds more humiliation to the fact that, despite being Charles’ bride, Camilla has no senior standing in her own right.

“As the wife of the heir to the throne, Camilla is the second-highest ranked woman in the royal family behind Queen Elizabeth – but only when accompanied by her husband,” they said.

The source explained that, without Charles by her side, Camilla significantly drops in rank, to the point where she has to curtsy for all the Queen’s blood relatives.

With the rumoured demotion said to be set in stone, Camilla is reportedly “hell-bent” on reversing the decision to ensure that she can one day become Queen Consort.

“She’s ordered Charles to go to bat for her – but it’s clear Her Majesty has no intention of changing her mind,” the source claimed to the American publication.

Despite speculation over the regal title, Express previously reported Camilla was always going to be referred to as the Princess consort when Charles becomes King.

A Clarence House spokesman reportedly confirmed to the publication in March that Camilla will not be taking the title Queen consort – despite being the Princess of Wales.

“The intention is for the duchess to be known as princess consort when the prince accedes to the throne,” the spokesman said.

“This was announced at the time of the marriage and there has been absolutely no change at all.”