Chip And Joanna Gaines Hotel In Waco Causing Marriage Problems?

The well-known fixer-uppers, Chip and Joanna Gaines, have made headlines for their bold business ventures but also rumors about their marriage. Last year, a tabloid reported the couple wasn’t seeing eye to eye over a hotel project. 

Last October, the Globe maintained Chip and Joanna Gaines were clashing over their new hotel project. The tabloid suggested the venture was causing stress and tension in the couple’s marriage. The Globe’s source stated the Gaines were “sinking everything they’ve got into this project and it’s costing them an absolute fortune.”

The tabloid asserted the hotel venture cost $22 million, and the couple was spending $100,000 a day minimum, with no end in sight. “It seemed everywhere they turned,” the source added, problems “arose.”

First, when the paper’s ridiculous article came out, the Gaines’ had just announced their plans to open a hotel in Waco, Texas, which is planned for 2021. The notion that the two were fighting and in debt was far-fetched and premature for the paper to allege. At the time, the couple hadn’t even begun working on the project.

Also, in the time that’s passed, there haven’t been any reports from more reliable publications stating the spouses were having difficulties with this project. In regards to the couple’s marriage, the two are still together and don’t appear to be having any marital problems.

The longtime spouses just celebrated their wedding anniversary and recently announced their plans to bring back Fixer Upper on their network, Magnolia. The tabloid’s report is inaccurate today as it was 365 days ago. 

Earlier this year, we busted the Globe for claiming the Gaines’ brand was collapsing. The outlet phony report asserted the spouses’ network, Magnolia, was “spiraling” due to the pandemic.

Another tabloid, Star, was exposed by us for alleging Chip and Joanna Gaines’s “bad behavior” was the reason why their network hadn’t launched. In reality, this wasn’t true. The network’s premiere was pushed back due to the current epidemic. The Magnolia Network is expected to debut sometime in early 2021.