Disney’s Love Bug actor Dean Jones dies at 84

Disney Icon Dean Jones Dies at 84
Disney Icon Dean Jones Dies at 84

Dean Jones, the classic Disney star who goofed his way through such family-friendly movies as The Love Bug and That Darned Cat!, has died.

The US actor Dean Jones died of complications related to Parkinson’s disease in Los Angeles. He performed as a TV and theatre actor, but his career was defined by Hollywood; appearing in 46 films, including 10 for Disney.

He was one of Disney’s major stars of the 1960s and 1970s, appearing in That Darn Cat!, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo and Beethoven.

The Love Bug was his most successful film. He plays a struggling racing driver who acquires a Volkswagen named Herbie that shows human traits. Jones was proud of the family-friendly entertainment that was his hallmark.

"I see something in them that is pure form. Just entertainment. No preaching," he once told the Los Angeles Times.

"We’re always looking for social significance but maybe people just like to be entertained."

In 1995, Jones earned a spot in the Disney Legends Hall of Fame. He worked regularly into his 70s, appearing often on TV and in films. Jones, a native of Alabama, is survived by his wife of 42 years, Lory, and three children.