Ellen DeGeneres Reportedly feels ‘betrayed’ and ‘wants out’ of the Shows

Despite the fact that Ellen DeGeneres has remained surprisingly low key about the entire scandal that’s risen, the morning show host is reportedly feeling freak out behind the scenes.

So much in order that Ellen has decided she wants out of the show and can no longer handle the staggering sentiment of “betrayal” being spewed against her by her ex-staff.

As indicated by a source near Us Weekly, Ellen has been feeling entirely betrayed and wants out of the show since she has seemed like she features a “target” on her back.

Overall the Ellen DeGeneres is “[expletive] that folks have come to the fore to share these negative tales about her and feels betrayed.

The source additionally proceeded to state that although Ellen is aware “she can be tough at times,” she still ” believes she works hard and is very innovative which that it’s a privilege to figure for her and associate with her.

Soon after the interior investigation headed by Warner Bros was confirmed, Ellen ended her silence assigned a touch of the blame on her producers for the scandal and claimed, I’ve not been ready to stay top of everything and depended on others to carry out their responsibilities as they were already aware I’d want them done obviously some didn’t.

Which will now change and I’m committed to making sure this doesn’t happen again.”