Ellen DeGeneres missed Dakota Johnson’s 30th birthday bash due to THIS reason; Find Out

Dakota Johnson and Ellen DeGeneres had an awkward encounter on The Ellen DeGeneres Show over Dakota’s birthday bash. While Dakota has affirmed that she invited Ellen, here’s the real reason why Ellen couldn’t make it to the birthday bash.

Ellen DeGeneres called out Dakota Johnson for not inviting the television host to her birthday bash in October. Dakota recently made her way to Ellen’s show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and ended up in an awkward spot when Ellen asked her why she wasn’t invited to the party. Dakota defended herself and clarified that she had invited Ellen to her 30th birthday bash. “You were invited,” Dakota proclaimed. Ellen visibly confused pondered upon the reason behind her decision to skip the birthday party before she remembered that she “had a thing.”

Although Ellen did not get down to the details about her “thing” on the show, E! News reveals what her “thing” was. The international outlet revealed points out that Dakota’s birthday bash took place on October 6. It collided with Ellen’s appearance at the Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packer game. The match, which took place on October 7, saw the TV show host attend it with her wife Portia De Rossi.

This was also the same NFL match that saw Ellen seated beside George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush. Fans of the show would remember Ellen received massive backlash for her friendship with the American politician. Things got out of hand and Ellen eventually took to her show to deliver a moving monologue on kindness. Here’s the video to help you jog down the memory lane:

Well, at least now we know why Ellen couldn’t make it. Here’s hoping that Ellen makes it to Dakota’s 31st birthday party.