George Clooney Leaning On Jennifer Aniston Amid Divorce Speculation, According To Report

A tabloid reports that George Clooney is leaning on Jennifer Aniston amid his divorce from Amal. Could this true?.

According to New Idea, rumors are spreading that George and Amal Clooney’s marriage is beyond the “brink” of repair due to their separate lives and disagreements over raising their children. The tabloid claims in the midst of all this, Clooney is “getting by” with the help of Jennifer Aniston, who is “counseling” the actor through his feelings about his marital issues.

Insiders tell the magazine, Clooney is a frequent guest at Aniston’s Bel-Air mansion and often rides his motorcycle to the Friends star’s home. “In some way,” one insider notes, “it’s a middle finger to Amal, who wasn’t a fan of his motorcycle riding or his friendship with Jen.”

The publication states the Ocean’s Eleven actor is grappling with whether he should end his marriage with Amal. But, in the meantime, he’s become a “mainstay” at Aniston’s home, wanting to know her “secrets” of her glow. “He jokingly calls her the ‘Queen of Lonely Hearts,’ going by how adept she is at providing tea, sympathy, and a shoulder to cry on,” adds the unnamed source.

New Idea’s insider further discloses that Aniston has a few “socially distant” gatherings a month with the likes of Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and Jason Bateman. Lately, the publication asserts, Clooney has been “popping in” to say hi or “have a margarita or two.”

“It feels like the old days when George was much more social,” the tipster divulges, mentioning that Clooney “dropped off the face of the earth,” and it was nice to have him “sharing a wonderful friendship with Aniston again.”

Jennifer Aniston and Geroge Clooney have indeed been friends for a long time. But, the narrative that Clooney’s depending on Aniston for support is fabricated. We ran the story by a spokesperson for Aniston who told us the report is not true. 

In regards to Clooney “stopping by” Aniston’s home, we have an inkling that New Idea made up that scenario. The tabloid name-dropped other celebrity names such as Cox, Kudrow, and Bateman, and coincidentally, those same three were with Aniston on the night of the Emmys. That’s probably where the magazine got the idea from, not from any “insider.”

As for New Idea, we’ve busted the publication for its bogus reports on George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston. They obviously did not break up. Earlier this month, we debunked New Idea for asserting Aniston was fed up with acting.

While the story was based on a quote from the actress, the tabloid took it completely out of context and exaggerated what she meant by it. It’s quite obvious, the magazine can’t be trusted.