George Clooney’s Marriage To Amal ‘Over’? Report Claims Couple Headed For ‘Hollywood’s Nastiest Divorce’

Many fans believed George Clooney would never settle down, yet he and Amal Clooney have been married for six years and are raising twins together. Despite the successful marriage, tabloids still publish numerous stories about bickering and divorce. One tabloid is now reporting a horrible divorce is on the way.

According to the cover of Woman’s Day, “it’s over” for George and Amal Clooney “after trying everything.” The couple has only been photographed publicly once in the last 11 months “as they’ve continued to fight over where to live and raise their children.”

The drama between the two has everyone worried, according to a source, that “they’re headed for divorce.’ An insider tells the tabloid “a trial separation back in August” did not do anything to help the ailing couple.

The two even “spent two years in couples counseling, but it wasn’t enough to save them.” The tabloid believes Amal is leaning “on mutual friend Cindy [Crawford]” to help her through this.

The main arguments are about location, and “if they should be based in Hollywood or London as the kids grow up.” Since George’s tequila brand is so successful, the tabloid goes so far as to say “this would easily be one of the most costly divorces in Hollywood history.”

On the cover of the magazine, the Clooney family is beside the words “it’s over.” In the article itself, it relents and asks “is this the end?” These two phrases are similar, they both mean bad things for the marriage, but on the cover, they are certainly splitting while the article can only speculate.

This inconsistency means the story is a bait & switch, where the cover is a more inflammatory but not accurate version of the story within. This story is a bit generic in its description of this couple. What do struggling couples do: argue and go to couples therapy.

You could fill in the names of any two married people into the blanks of George and Amal Clooney without really disrupting anything. All this tabloid has as evidence, aside from some dubious sources with impossible insight, is the lack of recent photographs of the couple.

Plenty of actually splitting couples are photographed regularly right up until the announcement. The tabloid notes that the couple is “keeping their lives cloaked in privacy” during the pandemic as if that’s new behavior from the Clooney’s.

Neither George nor Amal have Instagram pages, for they are protecting the privacy of their children. They’re also wicked busy too, with Amal only recently quitting her UK government job, while George has been working on The Midnight Sky.

Woman’s Day has been after the Clooney’s for a long time now. It claimed over a year ago that they were on the brink of divorce, yet nearly a year and a half later there is still no divorce in sight. It also claimed George was renovating his mansion to be a new bachelor pad. 

Divorce is simply something the tabloid uses to sell magazines. It recently claimed Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy would split in the fallout from the college admissions scandal. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are another couple this tabloid would split due to COVID-19. Without any legitimate proof.