George Clooney Preparing Bachelor Pad Amid Issues With Amal?

George Clooney is secretly renovating his mansion in case he and Amal Clooney split up. One tabloid reports “trouble in paradise.” 

An “extension renovation” is evidence for Woman’s Day in its story about issues between the Clooney’s. George claims he’s building a “play cottage” for his twins, but alleged insiders tell the magazine that “he’s preparing a bachelor pad in the event of a split between himself” and Amal.

The renovation would include a kitchen, which the tabloid says is strange because the twins “won’t have the need for all its facilities for at least another 16 years.” The renovation brings “truth to the rumor that there’s been trouble in paradise for some time” The two have drifted apart, a source claims because Amal is “spending more time in London and Italy” while George has been “back in LA drinking with his pals.”

A source says “there might be some truth to the fact that Amal wanted more children and George didn’t.” The article ends on an uplifting note though, saying George “would never abandon her or the kids” and that the new renovation may actually “give[ Amal] some space.”

The tabloid is refusing to commit to a narrative because there isn’t one to commit to. The story also uses phrases like “starting to wonder if there’s truth to the rumor” and “might be some truth,” which are simply not the same as saying there is truth. It’s all wishy-washy language to evade making a claim.

In this short article, Woman’s Day speculates that the renovation is for the twins, George in case he needs to walk out, and for Amal when she needs space. That sounds a lot like, well, how rooms in houses work?  Woman’s Day has promoted tales of marital strife between George and Amal for some time now.

In this article, it says George would never walk out on his wife, but in February it claimed he did just that, choosing “socializing with his mates” over raising his kids. He’s apparently leaning on Julia Roberts while his marriage is on the brink of divorce. The Clooney’s lead a pretty drama-free marriage, despite what this tabloid repeatedly tells you.