Prince Harry goes bike-riding at Malibu beach sans security: Pictures inside

Prince Harry has been loving his new liberty opportunity in Los Angeles, as he was seen joying a bicycle riding at the Malibu sea beach recently.

As disclosed by spectators, the Duke of Sussex was biking alone at Surfrider Beach in Malibu on Tuesday, with no bodyguards around.

“Harry was biking at Surfrider Beach which is also known as First Point, where you can easily see the surfers are available. He was distant from everyone else, had a white biking outfit on with red and dark, and was, obviously, wearing a helmet to protect his head,” an eyewitness revealed to Hollywood Life.

 “It showed up he was going to surf since he stopped to see out the waves. Harry really seems like that he is actually enjoying the post-royal life and being a typical Cali man!”

As per witness, Harry was totally alone, without any bodyguard insight. “He seemed totally comfortable and normal,” they stated, including that they acknowledged him by his red hair.

Before that Harry was seen biking within the Netherlands’ Sportcampus Zuiderpark, to mark one year until the 2020 Invictus Games within The Hague.

As per CNN, he wore a navy jacket with an embroidered moniker: “Invictus Family Daddy.”