Meghan Markle Danger: Harry, Wife Have LEGIT Reason to Fear Drones

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are constantly worried about their privacy. This is why, when they noticed drones flying over where they lived, they cannot help but filed complaints about them.

Some people may claim this is paranoia, but insiders alleged that Harry and Meghan have every reason to fear these drones. 

Apparently, the Duchess already received threats in the past that are racist in nature.  These drones flying constantly around their homes just trigger her fears, especially since she and Harry now live with a baby. Paranoid? Maybe not. It is apparent that the two are feeling threatened and are quick to do something about it.  

According to ET Online, drones have repeatedly flown over the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ home. Moreover, because Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not sure who are doing this, whether these are photographers or not, they deemed it best to file complaints. ET found that Meghan Markle has received racist threats before, so these drones feel threatening to her.

In fact, they feel really scared, especially since they also have a baby in tow. “They don’t know who’s flying them. They assume it’s probably photographers, but they can’t be sure of that assumption,” the source explained to ET. “Meghan has received racist threats before, so they feel real to her.

It is really creepy that people could be taking photos. They feel like they’re being invaded. It’s especially scary when they’re outside with Archie. It’s really scary,” the source added.

Earlier, according to the Daily Beast, Meghan and Harry called the attention of local police over these drone-relate incidents for additional protection and prevention. They already have a security plan in place, which they are funding on their own. Their security entail is quite expensive, and one can only wonder now if this is even effective, given these drone incidents.

A representative from the Los Angeles Police Department told ET that it is true that they received drone complaints in Beverly Ridge. However, the agency would not say whether the royals truly make these calls.

While in quarantine, the two and their kid, Baby Archie, are residing in Tyler Perry’s massive mansion. Naturally, it can be assumed that photographers want to be privy to what they could be doing inside their home, but it is threatening and scary nonetheless to have unauthorized drones invading their privacy.

In fact, what the public should only be concerned about is what they are doing for this pandemic, and not what they are personally doing in this uncertain period. According to a source, while in quarantine, the two are just focused on their charity and other good works.

They are enjoying time with Archie while like everyone else, trying to cope with the lockdown. They are taking social distancing seriously, even from Meghan’s mom, Doria. 

According to royal expert, Katie Nicholl, the couple is doing a lot and yet the quarantine has forced them to take a breather, and they are enjoying the “slightly slower pace.”