Prince Harry’s ‘preachy’ tone called into question AGAIN!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been criticised for their recent speaking engagements, with some royal experts labelling their delivery as “too extreme”.

And on Monday, the Duke of Sussex was again critiqued over his latest appearance, with one expert suggesting the 35-year-old is at risk of becoming “too preachy”.

Speaking during a report on Sky News, royal expert Rhiannon Mills reflected on Harry’s recent video interview with Black Lives Matter activist Patrick Hutchinson.

Patrick rose to prominence in the UK, after he was photographed carrying a white counter-protester out of harm’s way during an anti-racism rally in June.

Despite Harry’s good intentions to address racism and “unconscious bias”, Rhiannon said his appearance reignited the debate over how a former royal should behave.

She said while the Duke would no doubt prefer people talk about the important matter at hand, the fact that he is a prince may overshadow the bigger issue.

“Prince Harry would rather we be focusing on everything that Patrick continues to do and did over summer,” Rhiannon began.

“But of course the debate will reopen about whether Harry is getting the tone right when it comes to talking about these issues on diversity.

“Of course Meghan has talked very openly about the challenges she has faced as a mixed-race woman growing up.

“Some people have suggested that Harry is coming across as being too preachy when it comes to this issue. But, in a way, he does address this in this interview,” she added.

Rhiannon then pointed out how Harry addressed the challenges of having conversations around certain subjects, saying it can be difficult for people to get the language right.

She said: “[Harry] said people are going to make mistakes and it will be noticed

“But also, interestingly he goes on to say that this is a global movement and the train has left the station.

“If you are not on board now, then get on it because there is so much that we can do,” she recalled Harry saying.

Rhiannon concluded by saying she believes Harry’s comments suggest that he and Meghan will continue to champion the cause, while shining a light on the important work of others.