Jennifer Lopez Marriage To Alex Rodriguez In Jeopardy?

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez were supposed to be married by now. COVID-19 forced the wedding date to be postponed indefinitely. Some tabloids aren’t satisfied with the culprit being the pandemic though.

Gossip Cop has busted many stories about problems at home keeping Rodriguez and Lopez away from the aisle. Here are a few stories we’ve busted about two titans in their field, and why they haven’t gotten married yet.

According to the National Enquirer, Lopez was worried that her fiance’s reckless spending may endanger their bid to purchase the New York Mets. Rodrigues was “buying private houses all over the world and fancy cars every week,” an alleged insider said. The Mets deal did end up falling through, but this story was still completely bogus.

Not even including his endorsements, post-playing career, or investments, Rodriguez made a staggering $445 million just playing baseball. If Rodriguez is going around buying houses and cars (which the tabloid couldn’t really prove), he’s good for it.

The same notorious tabloid reported that the couple was at odds because “Jennifer wants Alex to get out of the house and get a job.” Rodriguez still works, a so-called source says, “but he’s never really found that new big passion to replace playing baseball.”

What made this story so odd is that Rodriguez has been one of the most visible former baseball players in recent memory. His job shifted from hitting the baseball to talking about it as a Sunday Night Baseball analyst and commentator, one of the most premier jobs in sports broadcasting.

Woman’s Day reported that things were “tense” at “sad J. Lo’s boozy lunch.” The “Jenny From The Block” singer was drinking at a lunch with her sister, and discussed how she and Rodriguez were “fighting often” because “she’s the main breadwinner.”

Once again, Gossip Cop pointed out that Rodriguez is not the leech the tabloids make him out to be. A drink at lunch does not make someone an alcoholic. Plus, the couple is very active on social media and posted a photograph together that very week.

The Enquirer was at it again when it promoted the headline A-Rod too roly-poly for gym-toned J.Lo!” The story claimed Rodriguez has “packed on the pounds,” which disgusted Lopez. She was “grossed out by her Greek God turned slob.”

Despite this revulsion, Lopez still saw fit to snap photos of her shirtless fiance. Rodriguez is also on television constantly and clearly has kept himself in great shape. Every single part of this story was untrue, just like all these stories.