Jennifer Lopez Driven To Drink Amid Problems With Alex Rodriguez, Per Report

A new report from a tabloid suggests Jennifer Lopez is turning to alcohol to help her cope while having issues with Alex Rodriguez. 

According to Woman’s Day, Lopez was spotted having lunch in New York City with her sister, Linda, where the tabloid says she appeared to look “tense.” Using the headline, “Sad J. Lo’s Boozy Lunch,” the magazine states that the “distressed” singer sipped on alcoholic beverages amid rumors she’s not getting along with Rodriguez.

Onlookers attest that the Selena star was sipping on what looked like a peach Bellini while she spoke with her sister, but it was “out of character” for the entertainer to be drinking. “She’s so disciplined with what goes into her body and booze is so rarely on the menu, even a mocktail would have too much sugar for her,” a source tells Woman’s Day.

The insider continues, saying that Lopez could be “blowing off steam” since things between her and Rodriguez are “stressful” and the two have been “fighting often” the past few weeks.

“She’s the main breadwinner,” says the magazine’s insider, “and he’s got it in his head that baseball is the only way he can contribute. All of this on top of planning a wedding and I can imagine it’s all getting too much.” The source concludes by noting that Lopez “needed a drink” with her sister like a normal person.

Jennifer Lopez is known to stick to a very rigorous workout routine, but having a drink with her sister, who lives on the other side of the country, doesn’t mean the singer is “distressed” or having issues with Alex Rodriguez. Lopez could just simply be enjoying her time with her sibling, as most of us do.

And the idea that Rodriguez is a lazy, jobless bum is a rumor Gossip Cop just corrected from an American tabloid days ago. Furthermore, we’ve also corrected the incorrect narrative that Lopez and Rodriguez were having any problems several times.

In fact, Lopez posted a photo of herself with Rodriguez and their children on Instagram over Labor Day Weekend. It doesn’t look like the two are having any issues from where we’re standing. It’s quite apparent Woman’s Day was just looking to create drama between the couple.

Woman’s Day is the same tabloid that alleged that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were splitting up back in January of last year. The magazine was off-base with its story since the two are still together. Most recently, the outlet purported that Lopez was taking steroids before her SuperBowl Halftime performance.