Kacey Musgraves Reported Calling Off Divorce From Ruston Kelly

When it was announced that Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly were splitting up, many hearts were broken by the sad news. Now, a tabloid reports the two are giving their romance another chance. 

“Kacey & Ruston Take-Two?” reads the headline for a recent article by OK! According to the tabloid, two months after the news broke about their separation, Musgraves and Kelly are now giving their relationship another chance.

“They’ve been talking on the phone and texting, and one thing led to another,” the magazine’s insider says. The source continues Musgrave and Kacey is “telling friends they want to make another go of it.”

The source notes Musgrave is the one taking the blame for why things didn’t work out. “She was on the road all the time and put her career first. Ruston felt left out,” the insider spills. OK! further states the time apart has done the estranged spouses some good.

“Ruston’s been acting so sweet lately and it warmed Kacey’s heart that he holds no grudges,” the informant says, adding, “They’re excited for what the future has in store.” Unfortunately, the tabloid spoke too soon with this tale. TMZ reported Wednesday that Kacey Musgrave and Ruston Kelly have reached a divorce settlement.

According to the detailed report, there is a valid prenup and the two have put their home on the market and split the proceeds, with most going to Musgraves It’s also worth mentioning that Star, which is an affiliate of OK!, ran the same narrative and used similar quotes, it is obviously equally false.

Also, this isn’t the first time OK! prematurely jumped the gun and purported an incorrect story. Back in March, the tabloid stated Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly were getting a divorce and while a broken clock is right twice a day, this was purely a guess on the tabloid’s part.

It’s obvious the outlet’s “sources” don’t have any real insight into the couple, otherwise the reporting would be consistent and accurate when it’s is clearly not.OK! has made the same mistakes when reporting on other celebrity couples as well.

In April 2019, for example, the magazine claimed Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were having marital woes. The outlet contended the two were “faking a happy marriage” but behind closed doors, they were butting heads over having more children and jealously issues.