Kanye West Thinks an Open Marriage is Better than Kim Kardashian Divorce?

Presidential hopeful Kanye West is reportedly offering something unconventional to his wife, Kim Kardashian.

The couple has been the subject of marriage drama in the past few months. 

As per the National Enquirer, Kanye is reportedly begging for the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” to call off her divorce plans. 

To keep Kim as his wife, Kanye reportedly suggested that they have an open marriage, instead of the power couple getting a divorce. 

A tipster told the magazine, “Kanye doesn’t want to lose his wife and kids – even though he’d be just fine putting the rest of the Kardashians in his rearview mirror.”

They added, “Bizarrely, he’d rather share Kim with someone else if that’s what it takes to keep her.” 

The all-planned out divorce

Page Six previously reported that the KKW Beauty mogul already has the entire divorce planned out. 

The “Jesus Walks” rapper’s battle with bipolar disorder and his anti-abortion stance has taken a massive toll on their marriage. 

Despite setting the plans in place for the said divorce, Kim Kardashian is reportedly just “waiting for him to get through his latest episode.” 

It was also reported that the reality star had given Kanye a two-month ultimatum to get his act together, or she will divorce. 

“He’s crazy enough to believe she’ll stay if he offers her the chance to be with other guys,” the Enquirer’s source added. 

Another insider revealed that divorcing the rapper in the middle of his episode wasn’t “a good look” at that time. 

Star magazine claimed that the 39-year-old mom isn’t sure if she still wants to stay with the Grammy award-winning rapper. 

His suggestion about dating other people while married is just another red flag for her. 

Kim is said to be disgusted by the idea of an open marriage. The said suggestion caused her to think more seriously about leaving Kanye West for good. 

“Kim doesn’t know if she sees a future with Kanye anymore. Especially if he thinks it’s okay to date other people when you’re married,” the source revealed. 


The article about Kanye West, suggesting an open marriage to Kim Kardashian, is said to be “probably” bogus, according to Gossip Cop.

One of Kanye’s issues with Kim was reported “cheating.” He publicly accused his wife of cheating on him with rapper Meek Mill.

It shows a massive turnaround in that position. 

Kanye West doesn’t like sharing, and it seems like he would never share Kim Kardashian with other men. 

There has been no statement from the couple that they are headed to divorce as of writing. 

Just two weeks ago, they had a date night in Los Angeles just before the 43-year-old Presidential candidate headed to Haiti and Jamaica. 

It has recently been reported that the mom-of-four is trying to be “incredibly patient” with Kanye. 

A tipster told WHO, “Their marriage still needs work, but Kim is getting across to him.” 

She’s reportedly willing to help her husband overcome his mental health struggles.