Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton Once Curated a Backup Plan in Case William ever Dumped Her

Prince William’s search for a compatible life partner was riddled with a large amount of pressure, both from the royal household, as well as form the masses.

However, the prince refused to waver and wanted to make sure Kate Middleton knew what she was getting herself in for before actually going through with the prospects of marriage.

As a result of all of this, an unearthed report claims Kate was forced to find a temporary career as a backup, in case Prince William broke up with her.

Not only were their courting years difficult for Kate to bare, due to Prince William’s personal issues, but also because she was so heavily criticized in the beginning.

So much so that there came a time when the would-be Duchess was given the nickname ‘Waity Katy’ by the masses, due to her submissive demeanor in regards to Prince William and him popping the question.

Royal author Robert Lacey opened up about Kate’s alleged plans. He told The Mirror that Kate Middleton had her eye on Princess Diana’s engagement ring from the very beginning and had initially planned to “lead William in handcuffs to the altar”, however, was forced to backtrack on her plans near the middle of their courtship.

Lacey was quoted saying, “While Kate’s medium-to-long-term objective was quite simple – to lead William in handcuffs to the altar – for the time being, she had to devise her own independent career path as camouflage.”

“This was a matter of both personal and public tactics. In neither respect would it help Ms Middleton to appear the slightest bit needy – and of course there was the ultimate unthinkable possibility that she might end up getting dumped!”

Near the end, “Her clothing almost began to reflect what people saw in her character, a kind of restraint, kind of modesty almost.”

“I think that did come about because William and Kate were coming towards the point where they would announce their engagement. It was Kate starting to behave in ways which would be seen more appropriate for a future Queen.”