Kate Middleton Taking Over Throne From Queen Elizabeth?

The British Royal family is always in the headlines, but some reports may not always be true. Last year, one tabloid reported Queen Elizabeth II was handing over the throne to Kate Middleton.

One year ago, Woman’s Day stated Queen Elizabeth II had changed her line of succession. A royal insider” claimed the queen informed her eldest son and heir-apparent, Prince Charles, of her plans to shake up the monarchy before their joint appearance at the opening of the U.K. Parliament.

The source disclosed, “The queen revealed her big plan to reshape the monarchy after a year of their reputation taking a beating.” The royal informant continued that the queen “knew the future of the family lies with William and Kate, rather than Charles who never fully had the support of their subjects.

In so many words, she was telling him he should prepare to step aside for his son and daughter-in-law.” Woman’s Day mysterious royal informant further added Queen Elizabeth II “doubted” Prince Charles’ “ability to run the family.”

However, if this was true, why would the monarch hand over more duties to Prince Charles due to her age? Additionally, though her majesty is the longest-reigning monarch in British history, the laws of succession were in place before her birth. Queen Elizabeth II does not have the authority to pick her successor, and, by law, Prince Charles is the legal heir to the throne.

Should Prince Charles ever be removed from the line of succession for any reason, we would hear about it from more than just this random tabloid. Additionally, we busted several false stories from Woman’s Day about the Royal family.

Recently, the same magazine alleged Prince William and Kate Middleton flew to L.A. to confront Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The tabloids have claimed for some time there was family drama between the four and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were going to confront the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in California. 

Earlier this month, we dismissed Woman’s Day for purporting Princess Anne was fighting with Camilla Parker Bowles over who will sit on the throne next. As we already clarified, Prince Charles is the rightful heir to the British throne.  We debunked the silly tale at the time, of course.