Shock claim: Meghan and Harry’s explosive fight

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took the ultimate gamble by stepping back from royal life and moving abroad.

But an insider revealed to New Idea the Sussexes’ move to LA has completely backfired, and as a result, the pair are struggling to get along behind closed doors.

“Things are bad,” the insider claimed. “They fight and bicker constantly.”

After openly struggling with royal life, the couple’s highly publicised decision to pursue an independent life was meant to make for a happier existence.

But despite now living in the lap of luxury in a $27.5 million Beverly Hills mansion, an insider alleged the Los Angeles move has caused strain on their two-year marriage.

According to the insider, the problems stem from the hopes Meghan, 38, had of being warmly welcomed back into Hollywood life and her belief that the red carpet would be rolled out – literally – upon her return. This, however, hasn’t panned out due to the pandemic.

“She feels extremely slighted that it hasn’t worked out that way, coronavirus shutdown or not,” the source said. “Meghan is the type of person who thinks nothing can get in her way, even a global pandemic.”

Furthermore, the source claimed that the actress is growing increasingly frustrated with husband Harry, 35, due to his failure to assimilate into Hollywood life.

“[S]he blames the fact that Harry is more than happy to be a homebody, playing with Archie and the dogs and generally taking a breather, when he should be networking and hustling on the phone or video calls 24/7 like she is.

“She’s actually started complaining that Harry isn’t even trying to fit in with her friends and potential business contacts.”

The source further added that Meghan has even taken issue with Harry’s personal presentation.

“She hates that he wears the same raggedy grey polo shirt and baseball cap all the time – especially when he knows she needs him to look sharp to mix among the type of Hollywood elite who will hopefully pay their bills in the form of plum acting roles for her and lucrative speaking circuits for him,” the source said.

“She married a prince, not a hobo, but in her angrier moments she rants that she can’t tell the difference.”

As a result, the insider claimed that the arguing between the former senior royals has rapidly escalated – and Meghan’s demands have reportedly left Harry feeling like “he can’t do a single thing right”.

“Harry … has totally retreated into himself,” alleged the source. “He’s nothing like the jovial class clown he used to be.”

While the source says that Harry is “floored” by Meghan unleashing her inner “control freak” – he’s also said to be understanding of the reason behind it. “He understands that it wasn’t quite the triumphant return to her hometown that she would’ve liked, but life’s hard for everyone right now,” the source said.

To help him get through what is proving to be a difficult period, Harry has reportedly found an “unlikely ally” in Meghan’s mum, 63-year-old Doria Ragland.

“Doria knows her daughter is prone to freaking out when things don’t go according to her strict plans and empathises with Harry,” claimed the source.

As well as being a sounding board for Harry, the source said his mother-in-law is also great at relieving the tension with funny anecdotes.

“Doria is fast becoming Harry’s best – and only – friend,” the source added.

Meanwhile, it’s believed Meghan is still pushing for the biography about her and Harry and her life as part of the royal family, titled Finding Freedom, to be released now instead of later in the year. “She wants her truth to be told and to set the record straight.”