Mike Fisher Angry About Carrie Underwood Working Too Much?

Is Carrie Underwood’s work ethic displeasing her husband? One tabloid suggested the country star’s spouse isn’t thrilled about her schedule.

The Globe reports Mike Fisher, Underwood’s husband, isn’t happy with his wife’s “ambitious” work schedule. The tabloid states Underwood’s active life is causing tensions in the couple’s marriage.

Sources tell the paper the couple have been bickering more lately and fear the worse is to come. “Carrie doesn’t know the meaning of downtime and that’s been a huge problem,” one insider says.

“Her Christmas schedule is beyond full with her holiday album to plug, the Christmas special she’s producing, her radio show and fitness apparel line to promote,” the source continues. The unnamed insider further revealed Underwood’s schedule “leaves little room” for Fisher who she “promised she’d carve out more time for.”

“Her mind keeps wandering and she’s constantly exhausted and their intimacy has suffered. He’s getting fed up,” the anonymous source claims. The  tabloid insists the “Before He Cheats” singer is either on the phone or working out for her Fit52app, adding, the couple hasn’t had a date night in weeks.

As for Underwood, the tabloid contends the singer told her husband this is a “busy time” for her and she needs him to “go with the flow.” According to the publication, friends of the couple worry if Underwood “doesn’t get her priorities straight, she and Mike may not make it.”

The report suggests Mike Fisher isn’t supportive or understanding of his wife’s schedule, but we know differently. The former NHL athlete shared a moving post on Instagram about his admiration for his wife’s work ethic.

The former American Idol alum had a pretty busy career before she met her husband, who also had his schedule before he recently retired. It’s a bit foolish to think now Fisher wouldn’t be privy to his wife’s career after being married for ten years. And in regards to the Globe, we’ve busted the untrustworthy paper in the past for its bogus reports about Underwood.

In 2019, the tabloid claimed Underwood was relocating to Los Angeles to boost her acting career. Underwood wasn’t looking to move to Los Angeles and she certainly wasn’t trying to increase her chances in the acting world. This also proves the supermarket paper has any insight into the singer.