Miley Cyrus Checked Into Rehab? Here’s Why The Rumors Are Likely To Be Untrue

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson first sparked romance rumors on Oct. 3, 2019, when they were seen smooching at the Backyard Bowls eatery in Los Angeles. 

Miley Cyrus had a tough end of the year after going through both a rough bout of tonsillitis and a surprise vocal cord surgery. Fortunately, the procedure went well and the singer’s in great health. Despite that, several tabloids have incorrectly reported that Cyrus was in bad shape and that friends and family were pushing her into rehab. Here are just a few of those rumors has busted.

Earlier this month, NW claimed Cyrus’ mother and her boyfriend, Cody Simpson, forced her into rehab. The singer’s healing process kept her from speaking, so she remained fairly quiet on social media. The tabloid took advantage of this by arguing that her silence was a sign that she was in a clinic. According to an anonymous source, Cyrus’ “habit of boozing and drugging” was beginning to reach dangerous levels. Simpson, the insider said, realized that “she was on the edge of a full-scale meltdown.”

However, Cyrus’ social media posts resumed after she had mostly recovered from the surgical procedure. She even posted several snapshots of Simpson and her family together. The singer even showed fans that she was using an app on her phone to communicate with her loved ones since she was still unable to fully speak.

At the end of November, the Globe said Cyrus had secretly been placed into rehab. The outlet’s source said the “Slide Away” singer was only using the throat surgery excuse to cover up her “work on her issues and addiction problems.” The “insider” argued that her family had staged an intervention and confronted Cyrus. The outlet also referred to the singer as “burnt out” and “off the rails” after her intense few months.

While it was true that the past few months have been a whirlwind of life events for her, she wasn’t covering for anything. She legitimately had vocal cord surgery. We even checked with our own source in Cyrus’ camp, who reassured us that the story was wholly fiction. 

In October, Heat falsely reported that Cyrus’ friends were pushing her to go to rehab for social media addiction. The tabloid argued that Cyrus’ brief relationship with Kaitlynn Carter and her burgeoning one with Simpson were somehow indicators of a breakdown of sorts. As proof, it pointed to an incident from one of Cyrus’ Instagram Live sessions where she misspoke about the LGBTQ+ community.  The outlet’s source said that her team had scrambled to get her into some sort of treatment facility for her reliance on social media as a result.

While the Instagram controversy did occur, she quickly addressed it and it blew over. The tabloid also neglected to mention that Cyrus had been sober in the months prior to its “breakdown” story. Most factual reports about the singer point to her being focused on herself and her health. As with the rest of these absurd claims, Cyrus had not gone into any sort of rehab. She’s still posting updates on social media, traveling, working and generally being a pretty standard entertainer from the comfort of her home, not a clinic.