Miley Cyrus’ Whirlwind Romance With Cody Simpson

Pop stars Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson were friends for years before they ever started dating. Their relationship seemed blissful, albeit brief. After they broke up in August, Cyrus made it clear the two would remain friends. Their ten months together unleashed bogus tabloid story after bogus tabloid story.

According to In Touch, Cyrus and Simpson were preparing to tie the knot just weeks before splitting up. The tabloid claimed Simpson had proposed and the two would have a “small” wedding.

This tabloid spoke to some so-called “insiders” who said Cyrus “shouldn’t be rushing things, but she’s always listened to her heart over her head.” The only ones rushing things were the folks at In Touch who used Cyrus’s rapid relationship with Liam Hemsworth as evidence that she and Simpsons would soon wed.

Life & Style published a very similar story before their breakup as well. The two were set to get married after she saw her “divorce as a learning experience.” This story came out the same week that Cyrus and Simpson split-up, so that’s just some rotten timing. It’s obvious the “insiders” the tabloid spoke with could not have been real as if they had real insight, as there was clearly no wedding being planning,

To add some drama, Woman’s Day claimed Simpson cheated on Cyrus with an unnamed “old flame.” Simpson had been spotted with a mystery woman who “clutched his helmeted face in a romantic fashion.” The tabloid couldn’t even name who Simpson was seeing but still knew he was having relations?

This is a classic example of a tabloid inventing drama where none was needed. Simpson and Cyrus broke-up shortly after this made-up story, which was the catalyst for new rumors about heartbreak.

Woman’s Day would not relent with its baseless rumors even after the break-up. Without mentioning the engagement, the tabloid said Cyrus was using the break-up as free press to promote the single for her upcoming album.

If it was for press then it was pretty poorly timed, as the album still hasn’t come out yet. Wouldn’t the engagement it “reported” also be good press? It’s almost like the relationship and the album had nothing at all to do with each other.

Meanwhile, In Touch said Cyrus was “spiraling” out of control because of the split. Cyrus told TMZ there was no drama in the break-up, and the two would stay friends. The elaborate tales spun by this tabloid The truth is the two friends who decided to give dating a go but it didn’t work out, but the truth seldom sells magazines.