What Really Happened In The Assassination Attempt On Prince George’s Life And Other Royals?

As one of the most famous family units globally, the British royal family has been a target for many assassination attempts, kidnapping, and more. But for all the trouble they have gone through, the family has always stayed strong and continued with their work.

Many of the royal family has been specifically targeted to send a message to the world.

Most of these attempts have fortunately not killed off any of them and has stayed as a threat.

One of the most recent attempts on the life of a royal was back in 2017.

The targeted person was the young Prince George, who at that time was still 4-years-old. ISIS claimed to have made a threat to the young royal’s life.

News revealed that an encrypted Telegram message showing a photo of Prince George right next to his school’s gate, Battersea, with a caption saying ‘School starts early.’

The threat was taken seriously,, but there were no attempts done after the message was found out.

Millions of royal fans sent their concern and love to the royal family after the planned assassination did not push through.

Prince George’s life is especially important as he is the 4th-in-line to the throne and will become King after his father, Prince William.

Queen Elizabeth has also gone through some horrific assassination attempts on her life. The earliest one was back in 1981. The perpetrator was apprehended after he shot at the Queen with the bullet almost grazing the Queen.

He was sentenced to three years in jail and was sent to Australia after his jail time. He then again plotted the Queen’s assassination in 1995 but was caught early by the police. In 1997 the perpetrator killed himself after killing his wife and son.

The Queen’s children have also been targeted in the past. In 1994 Prince Charles was attending the event Australia Day where 2 blank bullets were fired at the Prince.

Later on, the perpetrator had no plans to kill Prince Charles but only to send a message regarding Cambodian immigrants in Australia being locked up.

Prince Charles’s little sister, Princess Anne, had the unfortunate even of almost getting kidnapped. The Princess with her husband and daughter, were going back home from an event when they were stopped by the ‘kidnapper’ who asked Princess Anne to step out of the car.

The Princess was said to have replied, ‘I bloody think not!’ and the Princess’s chauffer and bodyguard stopped the attempted kidnapping.