How Prince Harry Chose Wife Meghan Markle Over Royal Family

Last week, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex rocked the world when they announced that they are stepping away from their royal roles.

Prince Harry has chosen his wife Meghan Markle over the royal family. The royal family were also taken by surprised as the couple reportedly didn’t inform them ahead before dropping the big news.

On Monday, Queen Elizabeth II had a crisis talk with Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry. According to The Sun’s royal photographer Arthur Edwards, who has been following Prince Harry for 35 years, the entire situation is also difficult for the Duke of Sussex.

“I imagine there was a few tears in that room because Harry was there with the people he loved – his father, his brother and of course, the Queen,” the veteran photographer told 

“It’s a difficult decision for him, but I think he wants to please his wife. I think she wants to obviously be in surroundings she’s more comfortable with.”

The expert noted that Markle had a great life in Canada and a good life in the U.K. She’s living in a lovely and beautiful cottage, but her life is different from what she has been used to prior to joining the royal family.

Their house is stuck in the middle of a huge park without shops and friends nearby. This explains the need for Prince Harry to support his wife even if it means he has to be away from his own family.

Edwards said that the couple’s decision was sad. He found Prince Harry one of the great members of the royal family and the most loved. He believed that he will remain one despite the Megxit drama.

In related news, Queen Elizabeth II might strip Prince Harry and Markle of their royal titles. The monarch released a personal statement after the Sandringham showdown with the Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex.

Her Majesty said that they support the Sussexes’ decision. She mentioned Prince Harry and Markle’s names several times but never used their royal titles.