Selena Gomez Feeling Strong With Ex Justin Bieber Firmly In Her Past

Selena Gomez is focused on the positive, and that means leaving Justin Bieber in her past for good, HL has EXCLUSIVELY learned. After years of back and forth, Sel has happily moved on.

Her hit song may be called “Back To You,” but Selena Gomez, 26, won’t be doing anything of the sorts when it comes to Justin Bieber, 24! After having to hear that her first love married Hailey Baldwin, 22, just roughly six months after their last breakup in March, Selena is focusing on herself and “rarely” even thinks about her on-off relationship with the Biebs. “She feels like she has finally moved on after feeling brokenhearted over him for years,” an insider told us EXCLUSIVELY. “She doesn’t talk about him and her friends know not to bring him up.”

No hate intended — the pop star just doesn’t want to backtrack after making strides in her personal life over the last few months! “Selena feels like it has taken her years to move on so she doesn’t want to look backward or to be reminded of him anymore,” our source says. “She is happy and getting ready for a new love.” This comes after Justin’s engagement reportedly played a role in her checking into treatment in October, as Page Six claimed. “Justin Bieber’s engagement would undoubtedly have an effect on her,” the source said.

As we’ve told you, the singer allegedly suffered an “emotional break down” during a trip to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for her low white blood cell count, and ended up at a East Coast psychiatric facility for dialectical behavior therapy, according to TMZ’s original report. Fast forward two months, and it has not been announced if she’s still seeking treatment or not.

Either way, Selena’s looking forward to a new era in 2019. “She is hoping 2019 will be a big year for her…a big comeback, with more acting, more music and a return to social media too,” another source close to Selena EXCLUSIVELY told us on Nov. 30. The former Disney star has been on a social media break since Sept. 23. And here’s what’s especially exciting — Selena’s apparently “sitting on a ton of new, unreleased music,” our source says, two months after Selena said her album is “done” in a friend’s Instagram Live session. Bye bye exes, and hello to new singles!



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