Selena Gomez REVEALS details about an unreleased song & the title has a HUGE connection with Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez reveals she has an unreleased song. The Lose You To Love Me singer revealed the title of the track and turns out, Justin Bieber has a song with the same title.

Selena Gomez recently released her album titled Rare. A few of the many songs from the album left fans convinced that they were inspired by her relationship with Justin Bieber. While the album featured songs about heartbreak, love and more, Selena recently confessed that she excluded a couple of songs from the album.

Appearing on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the 27-year-old singer admitted there she wanted to feature a few more songs in her album but chose to leave them out.  One among them was a song titled Boyfriend.

The singer said she couldn’t help but bring a few songs to life. “There’s a few other songs that I couldn’t help but want to exist. One of my tracks is called Boyfriend. So I can’t wait for people to hear that one,” she said, fighting a giggle. However, she did not reveal when and how she is planning on dropping the song.

While we are excited about the track, we couldn’t help but remember that Justin Bieber too had a song with a similar title. Years before he dropped Yummy, Justin released a track titled Boyfriend. The song was released in 2012 when Justin was just starting off his musical career. Do not remember the song? Here’s the video of Boyfriend, sung by Justin Bieber, to jog your memory.