Taylor Swift Rushing Down The Aisle With Joe Alwyn?

Last month, a tabloid reported that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were rushing down the aisle. Here is what we’ve discovered.

In August, the National Enquirer stated “love-struck” Taylor Swift was looking to get hitched to her long-time boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, as “Swiftly” as possible. The tabloid wrote the couple became more “loved-up” during the current lock-down and didn’t want to waste another moment getting to the altar.

The paper noted Swift’s previous relationships, describing them as bad romances, with several other A-list men, but a spy told the outlet, “Taylor says no other man she’s ever dated comes close to Joe and doesn’t want to lose him.”

The pair had been hoping to have an event wedding this summer but the coronavirus pandemic put a pin in their plans. Other sources say the two were even looking to have something simple at Swift’s Nashville mansion. “They know if they did a traditional wedding they’d have to wait several more months,” the insider told the Enquirer.

This story awfully sounds familiar. That story wasn’t true and neither is this one from the Enquirer. Also, if Swift and Alwyn were in such a hurry to marry, why haven’t we heard any announcements or news about this supposed wedding? There haven’t been any reports about the two being engaged either.

More than likely, it’s simply because the two aren’t engaged and have no plans to wed right now and if they do, we’re highly suspect of this tabloid being the sole source of that kind of breaking news.

The Enquirer has recycled the Swift-Alwyn wedding story-line several times. Two years ago, the paper alleged Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were shopping for a specific engagement ring.

The tabloid alleged the couple was unofficially engaged for weeks at the time, yet once again there no announcements made from either couple. Two years one, it’s clear whose reporting was more accurate.

A year later, we busted the outlet for claiming Swift and Alwyn were having a wedding on the Fourth of July. Seriously, where does the Enquirer come up with this stuff? The magazine asserted the pair were going to wed at the Swift’s Rhode Island home. Yet again, our reporting hand our sources have been proved superior.