Victoria Beckham ‘In Despair’ Over Son Brooklyn’s Canceled Wedding?

If Britain had a second royal family, it could well be the Beckham’s. David and Victoria Beckham have been internationally famous for decades now, and the two are set to welcome a new member into the family. 

Brooklyn Beckham is currently engaged to The Last Airbender star Nicola Peltz, but one tabloid reports that the wedding is now off. Is Victoria wallowing in despair because of the canceled wedding?

The cover of Heat states the story clear as day: “Brooklyn’s wedding is off.” Victoria had been so busy planning the big wedding that she never stopped to consider that COVID-19 would “derail plans for some time to come.”

The family has been informed that the wedding should be “more pared-down” or otherwise postponed. The tabloid says “while the young couple is gutted, it’s momzilla Victoria who’s really despairing.”

A source tells the tabloid that “the pandemic is making wedding planning impossible,” so the “no-expenses spared event” the couple wanted, with one wedding in the US and one in the UK, has been canceled. Victoria is still “determined that nothing will stand in their way.”

This story is completely not true. Beckham and Peltz are both very active and post photos of each other regularly. Here’s the most recent one from Peltz’s page of the two in each other’s arms. Only time will tell when the proper wedding happens, but clearly, it has not been called off.

This whole story is just an attack on Victoria. It uses her days as Posh Spice as some evidence that she’s a terrible mother who would plan a wedding for her self-interest rather than allow her kids to get what they want. This whole narrative is sexist and has no basis in fact.

Victoria is not despairing at all in fact. She recently inspired a new lip gloss collection inspired by her days as Posh. All is going swimmingly in the Beckham household. This tabloid tried to make Victoria’s business acumen look like a bad thing when it claimed David was “begging” her to focus more on the family. 

The Beckham family is frequently targeted by Heat. It claimed Victoria was getting a five-figure makeover for Brooklyn’s wedding. That story alleged that Victoria was trying to upstage Peltz on her wedding day which is just preposterous.

The tabloid usually tries to make the Beckham’s, Victoria especially, look obsessed with money. It claimed she and David lived in fear of losing their “jet-set lifestyle.” That story claimed that the two were “in crisis” due to a COVID-19-related money crunch.

Between his astronomical soccer salary and her numerous brands (not to mention that Spice Girls money), it’s safe to say the Beckhams are set for a long time. The whole Beckham family will have a lot to celebrate in the coming year. This tale of heartbreak and cancellation is completely made-up.