Prince William called ‘nightclub bouncer’ for protecting monarchy from Harry, Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ties with Prince William are certainly no longer as strong as they used to be.

Robert Lacey in his book Battle of Brothers, laid bare the secrets buried deep within the palace about the rift between the two brothers and how Harry’s actions post-Megxit were strongly opposed by William.

A brutal assessment of the Duke of Sussex done by his brother was brought to light in the book as he attempted to protect the monarchy by expressing disdain for Harry’s recent endeavors.

“The prince’s conversations in the Oak Room helped to turn the fragile schoolboy heading for a breakdown into a quite tough young man who would once be compared to a ‘nightclub bouncer’ protecting the standards of and entry to his highly exclusive royal club,” Lacey disclosed in his book.

“The prince was not prepared to allow anyone – and certainly not his brother and his American celebrity wife – to threaten the precious legacy that had been entrusted to him by his gran,” he went on to claim.

Quoting an interview given by the Duke of Cambridge in 2011, Lacey wrote that Queen Elizabeth II “cares not for celebrity, that’s for sure,’ William declared in 2011.’That’s not what the monarchy’s about. ‘It’s about doing one’s duty, as she would say.”

“‘It’s about setting examples. It’s about using your position for the good. It’s about serving the country – and that’s really the crux of it’,” the book reads.

“Brother Harry might be heading for La-La Land, but brother William was heading to be King,” added Lacey.