Prince William, Kate Middleton broke one royal tradition after their marriage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have faced criticism for breaking royal traditions on multiple occasions ever since they left the UK.

A  royal historian has revealed that   it’s not only Harry and his wife who broke royal traditions.  

He said that Kate Middleton and Prince William broke a royal tradition during the birth of their first child,  amid rumors that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with a fourth child.

Accordant to the report in Daily Star, traditionally the father is not supposed be on the mother’s side at the time of the birth because.

Quoting a royal historian from a 2013 interview, the publication reported “When Charles was born, Prince Philip played squash” at the palace.

“When Prince William was born, Prince Charles went off and played polo,” Robert Lacey was quoted as saying.

He continued: “I think we’re getting to see the first royal birth where the father himself is present at the birth and sees his new child come into the world.”