Moschino Fall Ready-To-Wear Collection 2020

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Powdered pouffe hairstyles, taller than the French queen’s or Marge Simpson’s. Clutches within the sort of baguettes and macarons had wit.

Jeremy Scott teased the punchline to his Marie Antoinette-themed Moschino show together with his invitation — attached to ornately iced, nonedible food — then delivered it with finale looks that were tiered and frosted: “Let them wear cake!”

The visual jokes seemed a touch more obvious this point, the most one being pannier skirts chopped into perky minis. Scott stretched white T-shirts, hoodies, Perfecto leathers and jeans jackets paved in gold bullion embroideries into stiff little dresses that emerged from a pink palace and stalked a runway of antique mirrors.

You had to laugh once you realized his hoods were long enough to accommodate powdered pouffe hairstyles taller than the French queens or Marge Simpson’s. Clutches within the sort of baguettes and macarons had wit, and therefore the show came to life when Joan Smalls and Gigi Hadid started vamping it up.

The rest of the garments you’ll almost conjure without being there: frock coats and breeches in patchworks of rich damasks that appear ripped off the walls of Versailles. Japanese anime characters were incorporated into toile de Jouy and needlepoint prints something unexpected. the remainder was pure sugar rush and empty fashion calories. Bow Wow Wow’s “I Want Candy” was the finale song.


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