Bright and Bold New Swimwear Range

Bright and Bold New Swimwear Range
Bright and Bold New Swimwear Range

This season, new arrivals of swimwear are meant to excite the public with their bold flashy colors and deep cuts. Swimwear colors that are in trend these days include all the neon colors like mellow yellow, hot red, fuchsia and vibrant orange.

As swim season is upon us, everybody is turning to the runways to check out the latest trends of swimwear. The palette for swimwear is sunny and chic this season. Pinks, blues, orange, green are being used in strong, vibrant hues. In this bold range of colors, white and black are also in fashion in swimwear this summer.The combination of black and white also provides a very dramatic look to the runway in striking styles. The prints and patterns of swimwear are inspired by the ethnic, vintage, animal prints and lines. Animal prints are used with bright colors this summer.


For people who are conservative, high waist swimwear is their perfect choice because it is much higher than the typical bikini bottom. It is incredible sexy for those women who are conscious about the latest trends and want to look sexy even at the pool. High waist bikini bottom comes in different colors and patterns. At the swim fashion week 2012 in Miami, Mara Hoffmann won the hearts of many with her high waist bikini with cool crisscross sides.

Hot Cutouts

A well-known fact about swimwear is, the bold, the better. So, bonus points for all the strappy swimwear. Strappy swimwear is basically for bold, sexy and adventurous woman. Straps are a fashion statement this season in swimwear as it barely covers your skin. Hence, the credit goes to the designers like Lisa blue, Mara Hoffmann, Lenny and white sands for introducing the strappy adornments.

Vintage Floral

Your swimwear collection is incomplete without floral prints. Vintage floral have been in fashionsince the 80’s and now they are making a comeback in swimwear as well. The amazing thing about floral prints is that they come in a wide range of colors, combinations and patterns. Because of that, floral print swimwear looks very classy and trendy on the sandy beaches.

Animal Prints

Animal print comes in so many shapes and sizes that the possibilities are endless. Animal print swimwear looks trendy on both, fair and tanned body. As Betsy Johnson is creating a buzz with her floral print swimwear collection, Mara Hoffman and Beach Bunny is presenting to the viewers a mix of animal print with a solid trim. Fashion designers like Mara Hoffmann gave swimwear a new edge by presenting animal prints with neon colors. 

Bold Colors

This season, deep burnt orange and a citrus green color is designer favorite as it looks chic on the beach. In shades of green, designers splashed their swimwear creations in pale lemon grass and citrus green whereas as far as pinks and blues are concerned, peachy, light grapefruit shades, fuchsia, cobalt and aqua appeared across the board, which gave a feminine appeal to the swimwear.