Old Short School Bus Turned Into A Tiny House

There’s no denying how well known the journey van trend has become and it is sober, as putting your home on wheels is perhaps the most ideal ways to see a greater amount of the world.

However, while most people turn to vehicle customizers and additionally pre-constructed models, a few people are somewhat more innovative. One couple (who pass by the handle, We Travel By Bus) transformed an old GMC Short Bus into one among the simplest adventure vans we’ve ever seen.

Strikingly, while its owners hail from Berlin, this bus originated in Lee County, Florida and, according to their photographs, it hasn’t remained in once place for too long ago. Except for a full-length rooftop rack, the outside appears to be to a great extent the with a classic yellow and black paint job.

In the interior, however, is an alternate story because the seats have been gutted and replaced with things like a kitchen counter, cupboard storage, a raised bed, and even a plank of the wood-burning custom assembled oven.

If you would like a touch inspiration to commence your own DIY experience van venture, this could be just the ticket. Additionally, there are other minor houses made up of buses we’ve informed you about before: School Bus Tiny House by The Mayes Team and Big Green Bus.