PS5 release date leak: Sony job ad teases PlayStation 5 launch in October 2020

Another Japanese job posting published by Sony Interactive Entertainment proposes that the PlayStation 5 will be launch in October this year.

The new posting, which has been shared by Nibel on Twitter, appears to recommend a more exact release date for the console than the unclear ‘Holiday 2020’ that Sony has been utilizing up until this point.

The listing states that the perfect competitor will work side by side with the “Design Department and the Quality Assurance Department to make the PlayStation 5, which will be released in October 2020”.

The advert comes at first hand from the Sony Interactive Entertainment organization and, from what we can tell, everything surely looks legit.

Until this point in time, Sony has just teased that the console will launch ‘Holiday 2020’. This new proposal of an October launch date connects to that messaging, however we would expect, if the job promotion is exact, that we would see the new hardware hit retires before the months over, as opposed to the beginning.

That will all the more easily hit the ‘Holiday’ window, in an outdated retail sense. It is conceivable that the job ad promotion is going on outdated or forge data, so take it with a spot of salt for now.

Sony presently cannot seem to endorse that real release date of the console, and until an official declaration from the organization shows up, you should take all that you hear with a touch of salt.

We will have more data for you as it available.