The Spectacular Underground Eco Home

Dubbed Organic House, this semi-underground eco home in Mexico City is made by architect Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica.

Designed to flawlessly mix with its nearby natural scene, this 178-square-meter house is enclosed with mother nature such as green grass, hedges, trees, and blossoms beautiful flower on the rooftop that makes it seem as though it’s covered under the ground.

Senosiain is known for its design to natural eco home architecture design and this peanut-shaped formed house stays aware of his style. inbuilt 1984, this house comprises two separate chambers associated through narrow trespass. One contains a sleeping zone, while the other one has a basic living area.

Inside, there is a front room with kitchen and lounge (dining) area, bedroom along with changing area and a washroom complete with shower. The house has all the fundamental or basic facilities required to live easily.

The hand-shaped seat chair by Mexican craftsman Pedro Friedeberg and Bubble seat by Eero Aarnio are a portion of the central focuses in the living room, while the kitchen is equipped with burners, sink, and built-in pantry racks.

A narrow tunnel from living spaces prompts the private sleeping areas in the next chamber. The toilet looks profoundly private and opulent, with a skylight permitting an abundance of natural light.

Its naturally sculpture walls, ceilings, roofs and built-in furnishings are made up of Ferro-cement coated with a paste of marble powder and white (concrete) cement that make the house seems like an underground cavern.

There is enough natural light to enhance the eco atmosphere and outside perspectives from inside the house because of the main huge windows in various living areas.

The green rooftop and a lot of vegetation around the house help in keeping up the temperature inside as well as make the house nearby invisible (simply like a bunker).