Brad Pitt’s lover Andra Day revealed the truth about the affair with him

At the end of May, reports appeared in the press about a possible relationship between the stars.

Named Brad Pitt’s mistress, actress Andhra Day revealed the truth about a high-profile romance with a colleague. For the first time reports that Brad is again not free appeared at the end of May after the actors appeared at the Oscars.

An insider then told The Mirror newspaper that Pitt and Day flirted at the event and even exchanged numbers.

A month later, the journalists still decided to find out from Day herself what connects her with Pitt. Apparently, they were not ready for such a turn of events.

Brad Pitt

“When my sister first read about it, she called me right away and asked, ‘Have you met Brad Pitt?’ I said, “Probably yes. I think we did it,” she said.

“We are not dating. We don’t even know each other. It is very funny. This defused the situation. Someone was bored that day. Although Brad is wonderful, very talented,” the Hollywood Reporter quotes her as saying.