Kim Kardashian’s ‘drastic’ body changes spark surgery speculations among fans

Kim Kardashian‘s slim frame has become a hot topic for fans who have taken over social media to dish on their claims that the Skims founder has undergone a body-modification surgery.

Since the launch of her brand, the 41-year-old mogul has been flaunting her perfect physique igniting wild rumors about her hourglass frame.

Taking to Reddit, netizens bombarded their claims along with several photographs as proof to back their stance, reported The Sun.

“The body changes are just so drastic and unnatural. She was perfectly fine before!!” one user-initiated the debate.

“It’s so crazy to me how tiny her waist is in comparison,” one user pointed out.

“She’s always been pretty slim but her waist used to be so much wider than it is now.”

“I think that rumor that she had ribs removed is way far out there, but how the hell did she get her waist so damn tiny like what surgery is that!!??” another user noted.

Meanwhile, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum recently dropped jaws with her elegance-filled appearance at Vanity Fair’s Oscar after-party.