Prince William Urges Kate to Wrap Up Conversation at Jordanian Royal Wedding

Prince William was spotted discreetly hurrying Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, to conclude a conversation with Rajwa Al Saif, now the Princess of Jordan, during their surprise attendance at a royal wedding in Amman, Jordan.

The couple made an unexpected appearance at Zahran Palace on June 1 to celebrate the nuptials of Saudi Arabian architect Rajwa Al Saif to Crown Prince Al Hussein. In a video capturing the moment, Prince William and Kate were seen mingling with guests as they approached the front of a queue to greet the newlyweds.

As the Duchess engaged in conversation with the bride, Prince William, seemingly finished with his own discussion, animatedly gestured for her to move along. In a lighthearted manner, he can be heard saying “chop chop” as other guests patiently awaited their turn.

A video shared by the Daily Mail showcased the exchange, with Prince William initially urging his wife to move on by saying “Let’s go.” However, Kate continued conversing with the newlyweds, prompting Prince William to gently remind her that they needed to continue their rounds.

With a subtle gesture, Prince William encouraged Kate to follow him away from the couple, ensuring that others in the line had the opportunity to engage with the royal guests.

Although the British royals were among various dignitaries present at the event, their attendance came as a surprise to most. The details of their planned appearance were kept under wraps, with Jordanian state media confirming their arrival just a few hours before the palace ceremony commenced.