Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2011 Collection – New York Fashion Week

Marc Jacobs' Latest Fall 2011 Collection - New York Fashion Week
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Alana Zimmer Marc Jacobs' Fall 2011Collection
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Marc Jacob's Fall 2011 Collection
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Marique Schimmel Marc Jacobs' Fall 2011
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Marc Jacobs' latest collection for Fall 2011 appeared on MBFW 2011 at New York.

Marc Jacobs’ Latest Fall 2011 Collection – New York Fashion Week: Last night Marc Jacobs’ superb, typically twisted production with makeup artist Francois Nars and Stephen Jones, the man who completed the hats, and Jacobs were smiling at how Roz Russell, Joan Crawford, and all those starred in George Cukor’s The Women on the cusp of the forties were perennial fashion catnip.Marc Jacobs’ collection made this fashion week as a king of Fashion weeks for fall 2011.

Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2011 collection appeared today at Jacobs’ show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2011 Fashion Shows, for his second collection, and the enormous fox-collared trench and the A-line blanket coat both had the metallic sway that Barbara Stanwyck, another great broad to the bone, would have done full fairness to on-screen during Hollywood’s golden age of black and white. Not that Jacobs was rotating his girls into molls, but MxM had caught last night’s shapely, sophisto, grown-up edge. Jacobs’ Fashion Models were wearing high-tops, but in their herringbone button-down, suits, trench coats, shirts, and ties, they could have been junior league Bogies, walking L.A.’s representing streets with La Stanwyck. See the complete collection presented by Marc Jacob at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2011 at Lincoln Center, New York last night.