To-Do Tattoo

To-Do Tattoo
To-Do Tattoo

To-Do Tattoo is the new way of mixing convenience with fashion. They are temporary tattoos that stay long enough till the work is done.

Is it fun to experiment with new gadgets especially if it helps you in your house hold chores. With so many things in mind we tend to forget what is important or what we have to do now. Not only the long trips to super markets become a fatigue but a drag and boring thing too if you have to walk up and down the aisles trying to recall the list you forgot on the fridge.

In order to aid our short term memory carrying a pen and a paper is not possible all the time. Even if a pen and a paper are available the long lists we write tend to disappear when they are needed most. They either slip at the bottom of the handbag or fall down. The frustration of loosing the list is far too much which in turn result in irrelevant shopping.

Not only shopping even when in emergency we write on our hand, an important number or some note, it always gets washed away silently and when we need it, it is not there.

To-Do Tattoo is a gadget that has solved this problem. This To-Do Tattoo comprises of 12 graphic To Do Forms. These To-Do Tattoos have the biggest advantage that they can stick to any part of the body. This To-Do Tattoo also has a skin safe and washable ink gel pen. To-Do Tattoos are temporary tattoos
Now you can not forget any thing from the market. Nor can you forget to buy some one a birthday gift. All this has become easy with the use of To-Do Tattoos.

Kids will especially enjoy this To-Do Tattoo. The simple procedure makes this To-Do Tattoo very affordable and entertaining. To-Do Tattoo is fun, fashion and convenience compiled all in one.