Drake and Kylie Jenner: Singer’s journey from ‘hoping for relationship’ to ‘getting platonic’

Drake was reportedly rumoured to be in a relationship with Kylie Jenner in early December, but seems like the mist is getting cleared now.

According to close resources, Drake wants the relationship to be ‘platonic’ in between them.  According to the sources, “Drake has definitely moved past any type of romantic feelings towards Kylie and it’s purely platonic between them at this point. While there were absolutely some flirtations going on from Drake towards Kylie a while back, it was all in good fun and there was nothing really serious that came out of it.”

Coming from the sources, Drake feels like he is on good terms with Kylie and he has made this decision out of respect due to their mutual history. “Drake would never want to upset Kylie or any of the family that he has known forever so that is why he wants to cool down any and all of the romance rumors,” the sources spilled more beans.

However, Drake still thinks that Kylie is ‘hot’ and they will surely hang out together. But a relationship is something ‘out of the question’ for both.  Kylie recently had a breakup with her boyfriend, Travis Scott, whom she was dating for the last two years. And after that, the news broke out that the makeup icon is romantically involved with God’s Plan’s singer.