After 2 Months, George Clooney ‘s Relationship With Amal Finally Came To An End, Read More To Know About Their Trial

During August, George Clooney and his wife revealed that they are heading to get divorced. However, the couple went for some trials before they get separated. They did so because somewhere inside their hearts, they wanted to salvage their six years of marriage.

Why Is George Clooney Looking To Get Divorced With Her Wife, Amal?

After two months of trials, Clooneys said that they are finally moving ahead for divorce. There were just a few rumours about the trials, but the relationship between them has become even worse than before.

The reason for their divorce is that they fight over everything, such as balancing their family time with their own careers. The Tabloid claimed during an interview that they should stay at Hollywood or London for their kids.

However, some daily magazines are still confused whether the Clooneys are heading towards for divorce or not. They claimed that there is no concrete proof that George and her wife Amal are deciding to get divorced.

What Does Tabloid Have To Say About Clooneys Relationship?

Apart from this, the tabloid insisted both the couple George and Amal have tried their best to save the relationship. The tabloid said that the couple tried everything, for instance- therapy to a trial separation. But still, the couple is fighting over with each other nonstop.

Before stepping into getting a divorce, the couple decided to have therapy for their relationship. They also claimed that they are seeking for professional help that will help them to save their relationship.

The reports revealed that during one of their sessions, Amal walked out of the building after arguing with George. The couple tried their best to save their relationship by understanding the core problem in life. Their friends claimed that these couples had hit a wall and there’s no chance for going back.

The reports also revealed that during their sessions, the couple pointed at each other’s fault. As a result, instead of trying to understand the situation, the discussion got even worse than before.

Here’s What Lawyer Revealed About The Actual Reason For Fight And Arguments During Their Therapy

The lawyer from the human rights said that they were not listening to each other. Especially George, who never tried to listen to Amal and that is the reason why she walked away from the therapy.

This was George’s final coffin because he tried many times to paper over cracks. George said that he is trapped in an unhappy marriage with Amal, which was disturbing his mental peace. He finally decided to move out of the relationship with Amal and wants to start a new chapter of his life.

Even after so many chaotic situation and unresolved fight, the couple is still living together. Perhaps they are also concerned about their family and children.