Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Fighting Over Other Men In Her Life?

Are Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban fighting over the men she works with? One tabloid reports Urban isn’t thrilled about certain actors getting cozy with his wife.

In a new article by Woman’s Day, the tabloid states Urban is having a hard time dealing with the three “handsome and worrisome” actors being near his wife. First, the magazine notes the country star was “grappling” with Kidman’s ongoing “flirt fest” with her latest on-screen husband, Hugh Grant.

The outlet brings up Kidman’s remarks about Grant and how she had to “admonish him” from going too far on set. That, the magazine claims, wasn’t music to the country crooner’s ears.

“There’s a video of Hugh asking Nic on a date to The Ivy,” a source reveals, adding, “he understands they need to say interesting things to promote their show, but anyone would admit it feels fairly disrespectful of her husband.”

Next, the publication discloses Urban is also dealing with the fact that his wife will soon be jetting to a remote filming location in Ireland to appear opposite her former Big Little Lies co-star, Alexander Skarsgard, in Norseman.

The insider mentions the “passionate” kiss Kidman and Skarsgard shared at the 2017 Emmys, questioning, “if that’s how touchy she is with Alex in the most public of arenas, what are they like in a cozy trailer when they are running lines?”

Last but not least, Woman’s Day brings into play Lenny Kravitz, Kidman’s former fiance. The tabloid claims Urban has had to hear about how “good he looks” due to Kravitz’s recent appearance on the cover of Men’s Health. “Seeing that on every newsstand has to make Keith feel a bit insecure.

Especially since Nicole and Lenny are still close, given she’s friends with his daughter, Zoe” tattles the insider. The outlet discloses the “deluge” of other men in the actress’s life has come at a tricky time for Keith who is away from his wife because of his music career.

Despite what Woman’s Day alleges, It’s no secret that Nicole Kidman has shared the screen with several leading actors, but that doesn’t mean Keith Urban is scorching with jealously. And it seems our suspicions were confirmed when we ran the narrative by a source close to the situation who told us the report was “ridiculous.”

In regards to Hugh Grant, Kidman spoke about the couple’s “chemistry” and their friendship during a recent interview with ET. The actress explained the reason the two do so well on-screen is that they’ve “known each other since they were in their early 20s.”

As for the kiss, Kidman gave Alexander Skarsgard during the Emmys, the actress explained on The Graham Norton Show, at the time, that she also kissed Urban shortly after. Simply put, all is well between Kidman and Urban.

Earlier this year, we busted the tabloid for alleging Urban told Grant to stay away from Kidman. Gossip Cop checked with a spokesperson for Kidman who dismissed the phony report. Two months ago, we debunked the tabloid for purporting Urban was ditching his wife and two daughters in Australia. Honestly, the magazine just needs to give it a rest.