Kelly Ripa Refusing To Book The Same Guests As Drew Barrymore?

The morning talk show scene has gotten a little more crowded as Scream star Drew Barrymore launches The Drew Barrymore Show. One tabloid reports this has drawn the ire of Kelly Ripa, who is now demanding that celebrities choose between her show or Barrymore. 

According to the National Enquirer, Ripa has a reputation amongst those who go on her show: “Upset Kelly and you’ll never be invited back.” This “zero-tolerance” policy spells doom for the fledgling Drew Barrymore Show. Sources tell the tabloid “It’s been made clear to A-listers if they appear on Drew’s show, they will not be welcomed back.”

The headline says Ripa is out to “draw blood.” She sees Barrymore airing opposite her show in major markets “as a declaration of war.” It may be nothing personal though, as the tabloid notes “she and [Ryan Seacrest] even refused to share guest booking with The View,” which shares a parent company.

Booking A-listers is key if a talk show wants to survive, so this could be catastrophic for Barrymore. This story was stupidly easy to debunk just by looking at the guest lists for each show. In just her first few weeks on the air, Julliane Moore and Tyra Banks have double-dipped with interviews for Barrymore and Ripa.

drew barrymore
drew barrymore

The Drew Barrymore Show is another place for celebrities to do press, and clearly, Ripa isn’t getting in the way as she welcomes the same guests. You can’t really bully guests into exclusivity when you need the guests more than they need you, so this story is false.

This same tabloid claimed Barrymore would destroy another daytime talk show, The TalkThe Drew Barrymore Show is just getting its sea legs right now and is hardly in a position to take down a staple like The Talk. This is hardly Barrymore’s goal either, as she’s well known for her easy-going demeanor.

We’ve busted this tabloid for claiming Seacrest was leaving his own show over Ripa’s attitude, he wasn’t and hasn’t. This National Enquirer story about Ripa refusing to share guests has no real basis in truth. The tabloid loves to manufacture conflict and Ripa is an easy target. A-listers typically carry out their press tours with multiple stops in both daytime and late night. Barrymore won’t change that.