Truth About Caitlyn Jenner’s Will

Caitlyn Jenner and indeed all the Jenner’s and Kardashians in the world are always going to be in the tabloid press. About a year ago one tabloid alleged that Caitlyn Jenner was cutting her children out of her will.

Gossip Cop debunked that story last year but figured we should see if anything has changed since then.

A Tabloid Claimed It Was All Going To Sophia Hutchins

The purveyors of this tall tale, OK!, claimed Jenner was leaving her fortune to her supposed girlfriend, Sophia Hutchins, over her own children. An anonymous source claimed “the kids have always been smug about inheriting it one day” and “some of them have treated her so badly since her transition.” Stories of celebrities cutting either spouses or ungrateful children out of wills, but an Instagram post from last October shows how the whole family got together for Jenner’s birthday, making this story from August seem all the more unlikely.

Caitlyn Jenner And Sophia Hutchens Are Not A Couple

The Kardashian/Jenner family is notoriously tight-knit, and so we debunked this story. Jenner has repeatedly told the press how proud she is of her children and how great they were during her transition. A spokesperson for Jenner told Gossip Cop on the record the article was untrue and also assured us that Hutchins, Jenner’s manager, was not romantically involved at all.

In the year since this article first ran Hutchins did an interview with the New York Times where she said she was “I’m on good terms with all the family, but I’m closest with Kris, Kim, Kylie, and Kendall.” She also corroborated the spokesperson’s story by saying she and Jenner “were never romantically involved.” She and Jenner do live together, as she recently told People she needed to get a lock on her door after Jenner barged in on her with a man, but there isn’t any truth to romance being involved.

This Tabloid Just Cannot Keep Up

Gossip Cop has repeatedly debunked OK!’s lame Kardashian claims. In 2018, it crassly accused Jenner of being addicted to facelifts and said she “can’t smile”. The tabloid must have chosen to ignore every photograph of Jenner smiling to make that bogus claim. After this bogus will-rumor, OK! reported in April that Kris Jenner was trying to block Caitlyn from joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

If Caitlyn wanted to go on any reality show, why wouldn’t she just make more appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians or attempt to revive her own reality show I Am Cait? It just doesn’t make sense, just like when this tabloid claimed only a few weeks ago that Kris Jenner was planning a “triple wedding” to boost KUWTK ratings. There are no couples within the Kardashian clan that are even seriously dating anyone, so obviously that story was made-up. OK! is not to be trusted when it comes to Kardashian or Jenner stories.