Prince William, Kate Middleton At Risk Of ‘Overshadowing’ Queen Elizabeth

Prince William and Kate Middleton are at risk of overshadowing Queen Elizabeth with their future royal engagements.

On the “Royal Rota,” ITV News royal editor Chris Ship and producer Lizzie Robinson talked about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement last Thursday.

“Kate and William’s visit happened last Thursday but we couldn’t report on it until last Friday. If you remember last Thursday was the day that the Queen gave her a message of solidarity to the nation. I think the timing was so important. If they had put out the Kate and William visit that day, there could have been a real clash. They didn’t want anything to overshadow the Queen’s message,” Robinson said.

Ship then talked about the Queen’s message of solidarity by saying that Britons were actually urging the monarch to say something about the coronavirus pandemic and she heard their pleas. The royal editor couldn’t also help but wonder if the Queen will soon give a televised public address.

“I think it’s not a question that she would give a televised address. But I think it will be timed incredibly carefully, much like the statement was. We only had the statement a week ago and we’re not going to hear from her every week during this. They’re only going to deploy her at crucial times. I think there’ll be some distance between the two if it happens,” Robinson replied.

According to People, the Queen has been preparing to give a televised public address about the global health pandemic for days and it will be done via Skype since she’s self-isolating at Windsor Castle. However, the date for the address has not yet been confirmed.

Meanwhile, the Queen’s royal engagements were canceled after Prime Minister Boris Johnson put the United Kingdom on lockdown amid the pandemic. The 93-year-old remains in good health while doing some of her work from home with Prince Philip by her side.